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The things that make your CloudLocker even more awesome

QR Code SharingUSB ExpansionTwo way Authentication

QR Code Sharing

What is a QR code?


A QR code is like the UPC code that is found on a variety of products. It can be scanned with the camera on your smartphone and a QR code reader app, which many people already have on their smartphones or can download for free.  When the code is scanned, it leads to a live link which can be clicked to open a file.

CloudLocker QR Code Sharing

Has the excitement of banging phones together to share files, pictures, songs and movies worn off?  We’ve implemented a a very cool way to share your files and folders without risking catastrophic finger injury.  Our QR Code sharing makes it simple to share with friends, relatives — even strangers —  just about anywhere.  Simply create a QR code link to a file in your CloudLocker, and you’re all set.  People can snap an image of your QR code with their QR code readers and instantly see the media you’ve shared.

QR Code sharing is great for things like resumes, photo albums, portfolios and other files that you need to keep at your fingertips.  QR Code sharing makes it simple, fun and fast!

USB Expansion

When Bigger Means Better

While CloudLocker comes equipped with a generous amount of storage space, we realize that some of you may need even more — and we’ve got you covered. You can easily expand your CloudLocker storage capability by adding an external hard drive. . . or two. . . or three. . . or. . .  you get the idea.

How does USB Expansion work?

It’s pretty simple really, just plug in an external hard drive to CloudLocker and you can drag & drop files to it. You will be able to see your external drive on your user interface when you’re logged into your CloudLocker.

Do I need to use a blank hard drive? Do I need to format it?

No, you don’t need a blank hard drive, and formatting isn’t necessary. If you already have media stored on your hard drive, it will be left alone by your CloudLocker. We simply make the remaining space on the device accessible for you to use as additional storage for your CloudLocker.

Can I access existing files on my hard drive with my CloudLocker?

CloudLocker doesn’t currently have an import capability, although we are working on one.  Until then, CloudLocker will be unable to detect files that exist on your hard drive prior to its connection to the CloudLocker.  Any files placed on the hard drive through the CloudLocker user interface will be easily manageable and available to you from anywhere on any of your devices.

All of the above is free of charge your Cloudlocker will be delivered with open USB ports, so you can use them right away.

Two way Authentication

Enact 2-Factor Authentication and add an extra layer of security to any folde. The contents inside this secured folder will be protected and can only be accessed through an authentication token. You can also add extra protection to your shares with 2-Factor Authentication to ensure only authorized persons van have acces to your share.